Services & Support

 Mini Planet School

Mini Planet School

is a brand of Global Classroom Private Limited.

Service and Support

  • India's first franchise group that gives you the opportunity to grow from a pre-primary to a primary school and beyond.
  • Besides know-how, branding and support for start-up, Nurture Mini Planet provides standardization across its different locations through world class assessments, curriculum, teachers training and supervision of quality.

What does Nurture Mini Planet Franchisee Get?

  • Business expansion support
  • Administration and management training
  • Classroom / teacher kit
  • Student kit
  • Design of atmosphere, colour scheme, etc.

Academic Support

  • Yearly, monthly and weekly timetable
  • Thematic lesson plans
  • Guidelines for festivals and events
  • Guidelines for parents' participation and syllabus
  • An outcomes based curriculum, assessment and reporting system based on a mix of pedagogies, supported by research and evidence.
  • Guidelines for teaching in all subjects
  • Teacher empowerment and motivation
  • Improved practice through sharing
  • School audits that improve quality, motivate and assist teachers


  • Two days training for management / admin staff, PROs and teachers
  • Needs based training twice a year
  • Support for quality of implementation and unannounced audits
  • On-line and email support 24/7

Parent Support

  • Parent handbook
  • Parent self-analysis and report cards
  • Handbooks and planners for every teacher

A Rounded Education of Body, Mind, Heart and Spirit.

Where every child is treated as special

Where every child is nurtured for life.

Where every child excels.

  • Started by educators
  • Shaped in real classrooms
  • Guided by vision
  • Grounded in research
  • Based on travel to and first-hand study of education in 38 countries